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The Keto Diet 3-Month

During my time no-living around the internet I repeatedly came across something called the keto diet. I had no idea what it was, so after I did probably something like a Wikipedia search I decided to add it…

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I Don’t Like Nutrition


Urgh, if there’s something that’s draining my energy from me it’s nutrition and all the different things that come with it. It’s not like I’m heavily invested in the topic and I never really cared much what I…

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A Setback in Training

Lifting Weights

Goodmorning, or at least, that’s it for me right now. Regardless, hello! Just a few days after my 23rd birthday I decided it was time to get in shape and start going to the gym regularly. I signed…

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How To Memorize A Deck of Cards

Playing Cards

The last few weeks I repeatedly spend time trying to get more comfortable in memorizing the order of cards in a deck of cards. I wasn’t aware that it was actually possible until found out about the journey…

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Memorizing Colors in a Deck of Cards

Cards King

Recently I was browsing Reddit and somehow stumbled upon the word mnemonics. Since I didn’t know what it meant I did some googling around and slowly but surely ended up on a site called artofmemory┬á. Since I found…

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Learning How to Learn

Row of books

The course builds on two different modes of thinking: the Focused mode and the Diffuse mode. Focused mode is when you concentrate on something you try to learn or understand. Diffuse is a more relaxed style of thinking,…

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Get A Proper Camera

Camera Lens

A couple years ago I bought a small hand-held camera called the Canon Powershot S120. It was my first camera and I bought it because I wanted to start vlogging for YouTube. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment…

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Hitting A Wall

Brick Wall

When you’re walking towards something there are times of joy and moments of frustration. The joy of hitting a goal you’ve been working towards, of accomplishing something that challenged you, or looked daunting. But also moments where things…

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I Went To Paris

Paris Street

(I brought my camera along and filmed the trip. Check out Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.)   This past week (March 26th-28th) I went to Paris with my dad. I had a week off work and…

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First Week In The Gym

Last week I “announced” in this post that I would start going to the gym. This wasn’t a lie, as I went four times this past week, from Tuesday to Friday. Everything is pretty new and so there’s…

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