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I’ve been walking around with the same idea for a couple months, maybe even years at this point. Creating a bucketlist filled with challenges, experiences and adventures and working my way through the list, regardless of the challenge. To simply make life more exciting and interesting rather than sitting back and letting life happen to me. I had made the decision on a smaller scale a couple of months ago, but never really pursued the idea. No real excuse, besides maybe a lack of money, but other than that, I simply never pulled through. The bucketlist was a lot smaller, maybe around 100 different things, less ambitious and less challenging. Time caused the idea to water away but I recently regained the ambition to fully pursue this.

At this point in my life I’ve done what is usually expected from someone of my age. I’m 22 years old, I graduated with a college programming degree back in 2015 and basically did what I’ve been told until that point. Go to school, get a degree, behave, maybe work a little side job to earn some cash and build up your “life”. School, work, wife, kids and maintain.
Don’t get me wrong, I still aim for most of the general life goals, but the whole idea of working a 9-5 until I can retire doesn’t do it for me. Why wait and save money until retirement so I can start experiencing life and everything it has to offer?

I’m currently working a fulltime job, 40 hours per week, for about 6 months now. My life pretty much revolves around work, and when I’m home I just play video games or watch Netflix. I’m basically wasting my time until it’s time to get back to work. To me it’s incredibly dull and if it is any indication on what life is like when you get older and have more responsibilities, it’s a clear sign to start making a conscious effort to put some more flavor in that thing called life.

So here we are, I just recorded the first video to start of the long journey of finishing that bucketlist. I can’t recall the amount of times I’ve said “Hello YouTube my name is Glenn…” while staring in the lens of my crappy camera. I’m not particularly well spoken, or clear minded enough to follow my own conversations, but I’ve managed to string a coherent message together in the form of a YouTube video. To be honest, it was quite uncomfortable, but I managed to pull it off and be somewhat content with how it came out. Luckily I have a little bit of experience editing videos, so I can make myself look better than I actually am.

So all that remains is to make the video public and share it with friends, family and social media. And this is where things get interesting. I’ve always had the idea or “dream” to make YouTube videos, but I never really did. Or I made an attempt, but kept it hidden so I didn’t look stupid or dumb. The whole idea of putting myself out there, namely in front of people I know and that know me, is quite scary. You become vulnerable. None looks good the first time they do something, and this is no exception. But even though I know that if I stick to it, it’ll get better, I’m still hesitant to put this video out there. It sort of solidifies my idea and makes everything more real and serious.

After a couple days of deliberating I finally decided to make the video public. Initially my idea was to share it everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. But I decided to take it slowly and get comfortable around the entire idea first. I’m not entirely ready to have everyone’s opinion and judgment thrown onto me yet. Stupid as it sounds, I already hear the teasing from people once they see the video. So therefore I decided to upload the video but keep quiet about it. I’m happy to explain once people find out, but for now I just want to familiarize myself everything.

That being said, we can officially cross of 2 items from the bucketlist. Namely:

  1. Complete version 1 of the bucketlist
  2. Make my first YouTube video

It’ll be an interesting and challening journey, but starting officially from February 28th 2018 I will try to make a conscious effort towards finishing everything on the list.

Thanks, Glenn.

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